“I had a hot water leak problem in the house. The floor near the laundry room was very warm and got warmer every time the hot water was turned on (shower, dishwasher, etc). Had several different plumbers come out to verify if there was a leak (yes) and the options to fix. First company did a pressure check and confirmed a hot water leak. He guessed where he thought the water lines ran in the house from the hot water tank,  wrote up the estimate with several options.  He figured he would have to run a new line from the tank to the kitchen (through the ceiling in the hall way).  Little less than $3,000 (not including the repaint). Paid about $50 for the house call.  Second company came out, did a leak detection check and estimated that a similar line would have to be put in like the first estimate. Paid about $225 for the water leak detection check . Estimated cost of everything under $4,000.  Third company came out  and was unwilling to give me an estimate since he wasn’t sure where the lines ran in the house. When I pointed out where the other two estimates said where the new lines should run he questioned if that was really true.    Suggested I get an independant company who specialized in leak detection to come up and mark the lines. Another potential cost of $250-$300. Are you kidding me!

So what did I do?  Dave is my neighbor and I never want to bother him because he has a plumbing business to run. But I am desperate.  Need hot water, got 2 teenagers in the house and a potential problem that can only get worse. So I ask Dave to take a look and give me his opinion.  We discussed what I have been told and he then begin to conduct his own investigation.  Bottom line, we find out that the first two guys got it completely wrong. Dave identifies the problem (the piping goes through the garage and splits toward the kitchen and upstairs bathroom) , completes a few tests (with me looking on) to verify the problem, proposes a solution.  Also refers me to an excellent drywall guy who patches and repaints.   Problem solved at a 1/3 the cost!

Dave has done other plumbing related projects for our home as well. He is very knowlegeable, honest, hard working and fair. Yeah, he is my neighbor, but  I have always been completely satisfied. This industry will take advantage of what you don’t know, my friend. It’s nice to know that there are still folks who  charge a fair price  and do quality work.  If that’s what you want then I highly recommend Dave Spahr Plumbing.   BTW, I called the first two companies and discussed how the problem got resolved. I am glad to say that both companies refunded my money.”

-Don W